Leftover photos part 2


IMG_4248The Palouse from Kamiak Butte County Park. I’m reminded of this Ed Abbey quote: “This is the most beautiful place on earth. There are many such places.”

IMG_2467More Palouse, this time from Iller Creek Conservation Area, just miles from downtown Spokane.

IMG_1122Basalt columns in Potholes Coulee.

IMG_5706Glaciers had a hand in shaping nearly everything in Washington. A finger of ice reaching down from Canada blocked rivers and streams on the westside of the rockies from draining into the Pacific. When the water got deep enough, it lifted the ice finger up and rushed westward. The water created the rolling Palouse hills the same way waves create ripples at the beach. Further north, the torrent gouged huge canyons and coulees like the one above – Potholes Coulee. In this photo, the White Glacier’s mass digs into Mount Olympus.

IMG_6011The Easton Glacier on Mount Baker.

IMG_3172I don’t have a dog. On occasion, I borrow one.



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